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Red Box ( OBD Protection )

Red Box - ECU Protection

There's a brand new way to steal your van... And a brand new way to protect it!

When it comes to Light Commerical Vehicle theft, thieves are getting a whole lot smarter. They've now figured out a way to target vans buy using a laptop computer! They simply connect the laptop to the van's ECU port and this allows them to code blank keys, disarm the immobiliser and start the engine.

The "Electronic Theft' is becoming more and more frequent and was recently highlighted on the BBC's WatchDog program. To combat this form of theft attack, Armaplate have designed a simple but effective deterrent which takes just minutes to install and offers incredibly high levels of prorection by encasing the ECU Connector in a steel cage.

Note: Only available for a FORD TRANSIT ( Pre 2014 ) 


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